The Achilles tendon is tremendously strong, connecting the muscles in the lower legs with those in the heel, thus enabling walking and running. Without the ability of this tendon to deal with massive pressure, sometimes several times the weight of the body, humans will not be able to walk, run or jump. When the tendon becomes inflamed and irritated, Achilles tendonitis can develop, causing sufferers a great deal of discomfort and foot pain.

How Does the Condition Come About?

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Heel spurs are a bony development commonly located in the heel bone or calcaneus bone tissue. The heel bone (calcaneus) stands out as the primary bone in your feet and plays a significant task in taking shock and pressure when we move. It may be the source of serious heel pain as you are moving, standing up or simply due to a quick motion similar to leaping. If you place weight on your heel bone, the agony caused by a heel spur are usually debilitating.


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There has been a huge increase in the number of people calling on the health service over the past few decades in the uk, among the many complaints one stands out head and shoulders above the rest. Foot pain is the most common complaint faced by the population of the uk. Heel pain comes a very, very close second to foot pain. Pod iatric and chiropractic professionals have become inundated with individuals suffering from heel pain and in the constant fight to alleviate or eradicate the conditions many foot doctors have turned to foot orthotics to combat heel pain.

Heel pads are probably pediatricians most favoured treatment for heel pain. Soft pliant shoe inserts that surround the heel area and protect against numerous ailments such as, heel spur, joints or the muscles and tendons around the ankle joint, osteoarthritis,inflammatory arthritis, plantar fasciitis or enthesopathy and many, many more. As the number of patients increase so does the prescribing of heel pads. These innovative and increasingly more popular shoe inserts have kick started a huge industry in the production and marketing of heel pads, so much so that they are now widely available in local stores, doctor's waiting rooms and of course on the internet.

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